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Internet Paid Surveys - Learn About Internet Paid Surveys 101

If you are one who surfs the net, you’ve probably seen the ads about money to be made doing internet paid surveys. You’re assured you don’t need to be a web design expert or have any specific skills. You also don’t have to be a techie person or have a degree to make a regular income doing these internet paid surveys. While there’s some truth to this, the ads you keep seeing or receiving about $250 per hour just for “participating” in these paid surveys tend to be a bit misleading. Because of the kind of hype it’s now hard for a lot of people to know which are the reputable survey companies and which are ripoffs.

Most of these companies actually pay less than $100 for a really detailed survey that takes about an hour to complete. And for the average person, that an impressive wage! However, most of them usually pay $5 – $50 for each survey and it takes you from 15-30 minutes to complete. Some of the survey companies will also use points or credits as another option for payment. Obviously you don’t get paid immediately or weekly, as there has to be an accumulation of points to a specific level before you are paid for the surveys you’ve finished. There are those companies that use vouchers or gifts as part of their non-cash payment policy.

Be aware that you’re not going to receive a lot of paid surveys from these companies. Most of the time you’ll be asked to do surveys possibly 3-5 times each month. You’re probably wondering, if there’s not that many internet paid surveys available, how anyone makes a living doing this – and the answer is fairly simple. An experienced survey taker is usually signed up with a large number of the various internet survey companies. That means if a survey company has 5 surveys a month for them to do, if they work for 50 companies they’re doing 250 surveys a month. If each one of those surveys pays $10 – $20, their total income can add up rather quickly.

There are also some companies that may have a monthly drawing for prizes or cash, and you’re entered as a reward for doing their internet paid surveys. While a lot of people aren’t thrilled about this kind of rewarding, it might surprise you to know the odds of winning are rather high since there’s more prizes than there is competition for them. However, if you are looking to win computer, free vacations, or MP3 players you will probably be disappointed.

Serious survey takers have the choice of locating survey companies by manually going through search engines, or just purchasing paid survey databases . Doing manual searches are time consuming because a lot of your time is wasted by having to test each company you find. An easier choice would be checking available directories of reputable companies that can show you internet surveys, which will save you having to test them. These directories may contain some 300-400 companies, and most provide the details you need and can be found through several online sources you can check out later on.

Be prepared to answer questions you will be asked when you agree to sign up with any survey company. The point of these questions are to gather details they need like age, gender, interests, and products you might use. Don’t be concerned about this as it’s information they need to match you with certain kinds of surveys. Be assured that reputable survey companies will not share or reveal any kind of personal information outside the company. After you have signed up you will begin receiving the emails inviting your participation in their various paid surveys on the internet. One other tip to consider signing up with a company using a free email account so any incoming emails, or notifications, don’t end up becoming mixed up with any of your own personal emails.



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